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What makes your products better when I can purchase things cheaper at the grocery store?

Let's start with our soap.  Commerical brands make detergent for your body.  It is drying and uses a lot of chemicals.  They remove the glycerin out of their soap, just to replace the glycerin in lotions, balms and moisturizing creams.  Our soaps are made with the cold and hot process technique, which retains the natural glycerin in the soap.  Glycerin is known as a natural moisturizer.

Our Ointments, Balms, Lotions, Oils, Deodorants, and Scrubs are all made to order.  They are not sitting on a shelf somewhere collecting dust.  We want you to have the freshest product possible.


Do you test on animals?

Nope. Just friends and family.  

Can I use any of your soap on my hair?

 We have formulated shampoo bars made precisely for this reason. Our shampoo bars are pH-balanced for your hair.  Regular Bars of soap are not pH balanced, nor can they be. Just stick to the shampoo bars, you won't be sorry.


What if I want a custom scent or look for a product you offer?

 Well, you are in luck if you want a product customized, reach out to us and we can provide a quote and more information to you.

Is there proper care and treatment for your products?

Yes!  Keep the ointments, balms, deodorants, and scrubs out of the heat and away from moisture.  As for the Soaps:  if you leave them in a puddle or your bathroom is a sauna, they will break down quickly.  Let the soap dry out between uses, using our soap saver.  This allows the soap to have the "highest mileage" possible.  Soaps do not have a shelf life, but the coloring or scent may fade.  For our other products for best results use unopened lotion, oil, balms, or deodorant within 1 year. Opened lotions, balms, oils, or deodorants should be used within 6 months.

I have an allergy to XYZ, could it be in your products?

We take care in listing our ingredients. Because our essential oil blends are custom-made in-house.  If you are worried about a certain ingredient, please contact us before purchasing. It is the responsibility of the users of our products to make sure they are not allergic to our products.   If you have known sensitive skin, please patch test before using it all over your body.  If you need a custom-made item via soaps or scrubs, contact us before purchasing, and we can see what we can do.


Why does my soap look different from the last time I ordered it?

It is handmade, hand-poured, and hand-cut.  This means that colors, patterns, and shapes, and weights (soaps) can and do vary from batch to batch.  Our soap bars are 3"x 3"x 1".    The recipe/formula or scent blend will not change from batch to batch.

Do you offer wholesale accounts?

Yes, to Professional/Licensed business owners.  You must fill out the wholesale application to see if you qualify.  Please email us through our contact page to start the wholesale application process.

Shipping and Returns/Exchanges

Please go to our policy page 

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