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Homemade Remedies

We are a small family-run business. Sarah is a master herbalist and a massage therapist.  She is a certified graduate as a skincare and haircare formulator and the mastermind behind the blends and recipes you experience when you order from Sassy Herbal.   Rick is the Co-owner and does all the technical stuff and the heavy lifting.  Together we have been making body, skin, and hair products since 2003.  The products we produce go through months of testing before we offer them to the public. 

All our products are made in small batches to ensure the quality of each batch. We hand stir, hand-cut, and hand label/wrap our products.  Our soaps are cured for at least 6 weeks so that when you purchase the bar it is ready to use.  You will find our products are an amazing experience for your skin, hair, hands, or feet.   

We select our ingredients from around the world while trying to purchase from other small businesses.  Our products are scented with quality essential oils, and herbs sourced from all over the world.  Coloring comes from herbs, essential oils, spices, teas, beer, fruits, veggies, or naturally occurring clays.  We never use harmful synthetic chemicals, preservatives, artificial dyes, or synthetic fragrances.

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